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Welcome to international prepaid calling cards online shop


This internet shop offers you to buy international prepaid phone card for long distance calls. We will help you choose the best rate for international telephone calls. This allows you to save a considerable amount of money.

Except usual calls we suggest you to take advantage of other modern telecommunication services: WEB call, SMS call, PDA call, conference call, PC to phone call, cell phone recharge and many more.

We hope that our shop of phone cards will appear convenient and useful to you and will return to us for calling cards again!



Cell recharge allows you to put money on the balance of a mobile phone at any time.

PC to phone call use Internet connection or any SIP equipment to place worldwide phone calls for less!

SMS Call send to our service SMS text message with phone number and we will connect you.

WEB Call allows to make phone calls using our site.

PDA call make calls through PDA without a PIN code.

Conference call talk between three or more callers.



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